Organization and Little Diy

What you will need!!!
Anything to put in your cup
Bookmark stencil
Ruler exacto knife
Decorative paper

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Step 1: Decorate Your Cup

You can decorate your cup anyway you like but I did paint and I only did one coat also it looks horrible but it will work.

Step 2: The Fun Part!!

Here's the fun part, fill the cup up with whatever you like but I put in bookmarks scissors rulers and that's about it

Step 3: The Diy

All you need for the diy is
Any kind of paper
Bookmark stencil
Exacto knife

Step 4: Diy Step 1.

Step 1.
Fold the paper in half

Step 5: Step 2.

Use your ruler and exacto knife and cut it where your folded it

Step 6: Step 3.

Trace your stencil on the paper or free hand it. And then cut it out

Step 7: Step 4

Keep doing step 6 as many times as you want for as many bookmarks you want!

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