Organize Ribbon

Introduction: Organize Ribbon

This is a really was to a really easy to make organizational tool. It's of all the scrap ribbon, so you have an easy place to put it, I also put my rope and other things on it.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

So I just used scrap wood, so can really be any size but here's what I used:

2- 3"X12" long wooden planks
16- 5" long 1/8 thick wooden dowels
A couple of thin nails for the sides
And a bunch of popsicle sticks for the sides

Step 2: Drilling

Drill 16 holes through one of the planks, or as many as you'd like, but keep in mind to leave rom in between each, about an inch works well

On the second plan drill a hole half way through the board in order to make a crevice that it can fit into

Step 3: Hammering

Then hammer the sides to the plank to fit the boards together, you can use anything, more wood would probably have been better that pops circle sticks

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