Organized Chaos, Aka, My Craft Space

Introduction: Organized Chaos, Aka, My Craft Space

About: I aim to fill my quarter-life crisis with glitter and shiny things.

I share a room in an eensy-weansy apartment (yay college!), so I don't have much space to work with. Luckily, I found my AMAZING desk abandoned miraculously in the alley right around the corner. After enlisting a brigade of my neighbors we squeezed it into place (it was like a square peg/round hole kinda situation. But it was all worth it because it is HUGE and wonderful for cutting fabric on and there is lots of room for my general mess. 
In speaking of General Mess *salutes*, my entire space at first glance may seem like a mess, but it is all a very organized mess. Everything has a space, even if that space might be hanging from a piece of twine. Also lots of things in jars (I am a jar hoarder). 



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    Which yellow boxes?

    Real eye-opener for all of us who say we just don't have the ROOM to make
    anything! Shows that YOU CAN IF YOU REALLY WANT TO--appreciate
    being reminded of that fact :) Good for you!!!

    Glittery stuff and shiny stuff are always good and isn't it strange how all the GOOD abandoned stuff is abandonded CLOSE by!!

    There might be some kind of Abandonment God (or Godess).

    And, regarding chaos, it is only chaos when you can't find something.

    Thanks for showing us.