Organizer for Screws / Bolts / Nuts / Washers




Tired of constantly looking for the right bolts and nuts.

I decided to sort them. For this, we need boxes to stack them. You can go and buy ...

But this is not our way! :)

I apologize for the error, english is not my native language ...
Need: - Plywood 4mm, Plywood 6mm

- Glue for wood D3

All parts were cut from waste in production.

Step 1: Cell

The organizer will have a size of 290 * 200 * 170mm, and has 40 cells measuring 42 * 62 * 35mm.

We cut a mountain of details from plywood 4mm and collect 40 cells.
It's still fun)

We make 30 cells with a border, and 10 without it. These will be the lower blocks.

Step 2: The Basis

Then cut out the base of 6mm plywood.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to photograph these details before gluing together (

On the milling machine we make grooves for the cells 2 mm deep.
For this purpose it is convenient to use the base stop so that you do not set the zero point of the machine every time.

Then we glue:
First, the central 5 panels, then the bottom and roof, then left and right.

Step 3: End.

Instead of a handle - a rope of 8mm + plastic ties)



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    1 year ago

    can you please give me CDR file ?

    and could it made with laser cutting machine ?