Organizing Box


- 3 pieces of wood 10x10 inches - 4 pieces of wood 5x5 inches - Colors - Stickers - Duck tape - Glue gun

Step 1:

1. Buy 3 pieces of wood size 10x10 inches and 4 pieces of wood size 5x5 inches
2. Buy coloring tape, markers, colors, stickers, whatever you want to decorate your organizer

3. Color, paint, tape the wooden pieces of your organizing box

4. With a glue gun, glue together the 10x10 inch wood with another 10x10 inch wood.

5. With a glue gun, glue two 5x5 inch to the 10x10 inch wood

6. Finally, glue two 5x5 inch in the middle to distrubute your materials

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