Organizing DVD Data (save a Lot of Time)

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Hello guys..!

I'm back with another instructable...!

In this instructable i'm gonna show you how to organize and store your dvd data..(which can save you a lot of time)

Although we have 2TB external hard drives but we use dvds to store the data permanently and safely...!

I have a lot of data on electronics and computers and i need to store it safely...but the problem is when you need to read the specific file you need to search each and every dvd in your dvd album...!

So I think it is the best way to organize the dvd data and i'm gonna show you how to do it..!

Step 1: Before This Idea What I Did

Before this idea I wrote all the contents in the dvd on the dvd cover page using marker...!

Step 2: Screenshot..!

Take the screenshot of the contents in dvd... by using printscreen (ctrl + alt + prtscr) or snipper tool

Step 3: Printout ...!

Just print out ...!

Step 4: Store..!

Store the dvd along with the printed contents in the dvd album...

so you can easily see the contents in the dvd without inserting dvd....and i think it can save a lot of time...!



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    3 years ago

    For sure this is a lot better than
    trying to write the contents on the disk itself and this is a fine low tech way
    to deal with the problem. I haven't ever written an Instructable before and I'm
    not sure my method of resolving this problem would be very helpful for anyone
    else but here goes the gist of what I have done.

    I have a stack of 8 CD carousels that hold a total of 700 optical media disks.
    I have long ago abandoned this media as I find disk drives larger, faster and
    more easily accessible. So I have more than 20 Terabytes of of 2.5 inch USB
    External disk drives that I have put a bunch of my data on.

    I am a VBA developer using Microsoft
    Access to programmatically automate the process of registering the names in a
    database along with the path those files can be found on, on one of 10 external
    hard drives.

    It's taken considerably more effort
    to create my database and for most people this Instructable written by Roshan
    the innovator, is more than adequate and much easier to implement. The
    advantage for me though is that it is computer searchable so that I won’t have
    to read 700 pieces of paper in order to find what I am looking for. I realize,
    of course that my problem isn’t the same problem that most people are
    confronted with.

    Thanks for sharing your Instructable Roshan.

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Be careful, CDs, DVDs and BlueRay disks do not store data forever.

    in fact most you will find (the cheaper ones every chooses) fail within 5 years or so. Even the more expensive ones will fail at some point.

    Make sure you look into the lifetime of the media you store your data so you won't get caught by surprise when it is too late.

    Regardless of the lifetime of your media, you need to make sure you have 2 copies of each. in case one fails you will have the second to make another fresh copy from.

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