Organizing Fish Lures for Sale With Closet Wire Shelving Cable Tied Together



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Lures can be dangerous, the key is to find something with slots or holes to organize.

Step 1: Organizing Fishing Lures

Years ago I tackled selling fishing lures online.

I bought a box of dry cleaner wire hangars to attach the lures to the paper part, and hung, to keep them from tangling.

Since then, I have acquired a lot of closet shelving for cat walk projects. Today I hung my ebay lures on a moveable door barrier I had made for the cats, with closet shelving. Fishing lures are dangerous, a cat had to have surgery from jumping from a beam and landing on the sharp part of the lure, years ago.

Cable ties hold the shelving upright and together, and you can use rolling casters for the bottom if you like.

Step 2: These Tangled Easily....with My Clothes, With Each Other, Drat! Using Purchased Dry Cleaner Hangers

Before photos...tangle was a common problem with this system....yet I could hang them up various places as I worked with them.

Laundry baskets, wire baskets....might also work..

Step 3:



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    2 years ago

    I ran across a post online to store lures: quote:

    Q: How do you attach your lures and boxes in your cases? Don’t they fall out?

    I use T-pins that I purchase from a fabric store to hold my lures and
    boxes in place. I use the largest T-pins I can find for the boxes, and
    the smallest size for the lures. Typically, I pin the lures in the line
    tie and in the rear hook ring. If the case will be transported
    periodically, I pin the hooks in place too.

    the boxes, a couple pins above and below the box…and one or two on each
    side holds them in place…even when transporting my lures.