How to Make Cooking a Little Bit More Fun!

Introduction: How to Make Cooking a Little Bit More Fun!

This is my solution for how I cleared the top of my refrigerator while organizing my spices at the same time! Two birds with one stone! 

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Step 1: Materials Needed

-You need a messy anything. Our spices happen to be stored on top of our refrigerator in our nearly cabinet-less kitchen. But maybe you could make some room in your spice cabinet while conveniently having your favorite spices in easy access as you cook. 

-Some sort of shelving unit. GET CREATIVE! This could be anything from a repainted shelf from a thrift store to a store-bought spice rack from The Container Store. Think about YOUR space, resources and what YOU like. Think about every aspect of the design, too. If you are using a shelf, think about what you can hang from the bottom of the shelf to maximize use... I used a neat shelf that I bought from IKEA. It is something like a towel bar with hanging baskets. Although inexpensive from IKEA, this would be very easy and fun to recreate with more personality from an actual towel bar, baskets and S-hooks.

-Appropriate tools for installation of your shelf. 

Step 2: Install and Voila!

So this was my solution for my problem - an overly cluttered fridge. But this concept can manifest itself in a million ways! Having a more structured way to store specific things, especially the things that we tend to reach for in a hurry as the skillet is peaking, will keep your house cleaner all year long. It's also not a terrible idea to go through your spice cabinet every spring and remove the spice containers that have cobwebs ;).

Have Fun!

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