Organizing Your Google Drive



Introduction: Organizing Your Google Drive

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Have a messy Google Drive? Need it to be organized? It doesn't have to be a hassle. Just look here!

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Step 1: Map Your Google Drive Out in a Tree Map Function.

The first step to organizing your Google Drive is mapping it out on paper. It can make it easier if you categorize your contents under certain topics, like "work" or "home." From there, work your way down starting from a folder name "All Files" to a group of folders saying things like "work" or "school." You can keep on working your way down from, like going from school to "9th Grade."

Step 2: Start Making Those Folders!

You've planned it all you have to do is create the folders! Easier said than done. If you have lots of tiers, then it can take a while slowly making folders and moving things into them. It might help if you make "To Sort" folders so you don't have to do them all at once. Now you're done! Enjoy your organized Google Drive!

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