Organizing Your Loom Bands

Introduction: Organizing Your Loom Bands

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So a few days ago something awful happened... I stepped on my loom band organizer and all of my bands fell out=O It was horrible:( So I decided I needed to organize them all over again. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks when organizing almost anything.

Step 1: The Horror

This is my loom kit before I organized my rubber bands. It's absolutely horrifying...

Step 2: Step by Step

My personal organizational strategy is to work on something HUGE little by little. So take one of the sections of your kit out. Organize that one by color or however you'd like to.

Step 3: One Down

My finished result of the first section.

Step 4: Two Down

As you can see, the piles are slowly getting larger. This is because I organized another section.

Step 5: Charms and Bracelets

I had a few random charms and bracelets in my kit, so I made separate pile for them

Step 6: Keep Going

Step 7: And Another Section

Step 8: The STRETCHY Bands

Some bands you find have probably been stretched too far or have lot their color. Throw these bands away, because they may break sooner or later.

Step 9: Knotted Bands

Some bands may be tied together. Mine are, too. Either untie these bands or throw the tangled mess away.

Step 10: Failed Creations

Yes, some of my creations have fallen apart and/or I didn't like them. If you have these, either throw them away or take them apart.

Step 11: Another Section

Step 12: And Another

Step 13: And Another Section

Step 14: And Some More

Step 15: More

Step 16: And More

Step 17: Keep Organizing

Step 18: Almost Done...

Step 19: I Finished

You may have more or less sections to organize, but mine stopped here.

Step 20: No Need to Organize

These ate the rainbow loom skin tones pack rubber bands. I did not want to separate them.

Step 21: A Few on Top

This was my orange section, but it only has a few on top that aren't orange. I took them off and took all of those out.

Step 22: See?

Step 23: All Clear

Step 24: My First Color

I decided to organize mine by color of he rainbow. Depending on how many of each color you have, you will organize yours differently.

Step 25: All Neat and Tidy

Mine came out like this, but of course yours won't. You don't have the same type, amount, and colors I have, so yours will be different. Thanks for viewing! I hope this helped...=)

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