Organizing Your Loom(s) and Supplies

Introduction: Organizing Your Loom(s) and Supplies

Sorry this isn't a normal Instructable, but today is the day after Xmas and I don't feel like making a new something right now. Lol. Anyways I will show you how to organize your rubber bands, hooks, clips, and finished products of a Rainbow Loom/Crazy Loom.

Btw, please do not ask if I have two looms, the answer is yes(:

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Step 1: Colors, Shades, Sizes, Oh My!

I have A LOT of rubber bands for my looms, and I love that; it's a good thing. But it's not too fun to search through them all, and after ten minutes finally find the amount of the certain color you want! So organizing is very convenient and helpful.

So I sorted all of my rubber bands for by color, not noticing there was different shades too. So then I decided to sort by color AND shade.

The first picture is only of tie dyed bands.... If you were wondering.

Step 2: Extras...

I have also added beads,snap hooks, "S"clips, "C" clips, and key rings to my collection...

Step 3: Off the Hook

You obviously can't forget about the hook! I used a skinny slot to put them in.

Step 4: Finished Products

All of my finished keychains and bracelets go in here: ^^^

Also I put the instructions for everything in here(:

Step 5: What I Used:

For most/everything I used to organize came from my house. I didn't pay anything to keep my things clean, which makes it easier!

For most bands and my hooks,rings,and clips, I used a sliding drawer organizer. (First pic)

For the tie dye bands and most glitter bands I used a box I used to use for my sewing equipment. This has organizing walls that YOU may move however you wish! (Second pic)

For all of my instructions and finished products I used a shoe box(: (Third pic)

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