Organizing a Mini First Aid Kit

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Just a quick instructable I'm tossing up to show how I like to organize my mini kits. I am not going over the supplies I have inside in this one, as the photos will mostly show what I pack, and I/several others, already have instructables up with what they add to theirs.

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Step 1: Supplies

You need:
Tiny baggies,can be found in most crafting stores near the jewelry/A surly teenager that has a pot leaf tattooed on them somewhere might have some.
Tape (I used electrical, because it's fairly easy to write on, and comes in a variety of colors.)
A permanent marker.

Step 2: Organization

So you can pretty much tell from the photos what I did here. I sorted all the stuff into the mini baggies, and labeled them with the tape/sharpie c-c-c-c-combo.
Doing this I am able to fit more stuff into my little bag, and when I open it I can easily see what I need and grab it out, rather than dumping out the entire contents of the kit. Hope this helped!

Addendum: If you or someone you know has a label maker, it's way easier/faster/the print is readable by everyone (if you were graced with terrible handwriting, such as myself)



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