Oriental Door Curtains

Introduction: Oriental Door Curtains

One way to add some spice to a plain old room is with a fun and easy to make door curtain! But I thought, why go out and buy door curtains when you can make them? So I've decided to make a door curtain that suited my taste and is easy to make.

Supplies Needed:
-Origami Paper (different patterned ones look the best)
-Hemp string
-2-3 feet Plywood stick
-Wooden beads (the variety pack...if possible)
-Red and white paint

1. Fold around 50 origami cranes or so.
2. prepare 8 five feet long hemp strings
3 Tie one end of the string off with a wooden bead, then add 2 more beads.
4.Poke a hole on the back of the crane and string through the crane from the bottom up.
5. Add three more beads on top of the crane.
6. Tie the section of the rope on top of the beads.
7. Add more cranes and beads.
8. Repeat steps 4-7.
9. Each string should have about 6 cranes and be sure to leave at least a foot at the end of the string.
10. Paint the plywood stick red and add white floral patterns
11. Tie each of the strings to the stick, be sure to leave extra string at the end.
12. Gather all six strings and tie a knot ( make sure the strings are balanced or else the stick will be tilted).
13. Braid the ends and knot.
14. make a loop of the braided end end string it through a large wooden bead.


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