Oriental Jewelry Box Made Using Cardboard & Wood.




Introduction: Oriental Jewelry Box Made Using Cardboard & Wood.

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I wanted to make a gift for my mother that would be unique so I chose to make her this. Basic materials using cardboard & a thin sheet of plywood 3/8th inch thick. Here's a list of what you will need.

Safety glasses, dremel rotary tool with various attachments, sandpaper, spray paint, clear coat spray, gel pens, elmer's clear dry glue, super glue, wood stain, clear coat spray, aluminum craft wire, small hinges, clasp, tiny screws, small lock, thin foam sheets, Jumbo craft sticks, wood burner, small sheet of 3/8" plywood, cardstock type cardboard.

Step 1: Making Wood Box, Woodburning, Stain, Color & Clear.

First I figured out the size I wanted the box & drew each side on my thin sheet of wood. I used dremel tool to cut them out very carefully to prevent splintering edges. Once I got the parts cut out I used super glue & C-clamps to hold the pieces in place until glue dried. I then sanded the corners to give the box a unique shape around where my scenes would be woodburned on. Next I added the small brass hinges & clasp. I then sketched the scenes using a pencil & woodburned them in permanently. I then stained the box & allowed it plenty of time to dry. Now I used gel pens of various colors to fill in the woodburned scenes giving them color. After giving the gel pen paint plenty of time to dry I added several light coats of clear coat spray.

Step 2: Making the Cardboard Internal Box & Adding Finishing Touches.

With the wooden external box complete now it was time to design the interior box. I carefully measured to get a box that would be just the right size to fill the wood box. I drew each side of the box onto the cardstock cardboard sheets & cut out & glued together. I used jumbo craft sticks for the drawers sides & made tiny loops for drawer handles out of aluminum craft wire. I did the same for the upper part which instead of a drawer it's a led that raises with a tokyo skyline scene at the back when I drew using gel pens. Before adding it though I spray painted the basic color & gave it time to dry & then masked off the edges & added the secondary color. I used gel pen to add the gold decorative lines & the tiger on lid & bamboo on the sides. I glued down thin foam sheet in top of box & added the tokyo skyline scene in the back. To finish it off I added several light coats of spray clear coat. I'm happy to say my mom really loves it.

Step 3:



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    5 Discussions

    So beautiful. What Dremel attachment did you use to cut the wood?

    2 replies

    Sorry I just saw this. I used a fiberglass cutoff wheel since it was fairly thin wood & that allowed for better precision & preventing chips coming off at the cutting lines.

    Thanks. I used a fiberglass cutoff wheel a lot & some of the stone cone shaped sanding wheels as well as a few other stone wheels. Sandpaper wheels a bit too. I used a woodburner to create the images on the wood once I got them marked on with pencil.

    Very nice product! I wish you had some pictures of its construction.

    To perfect the oriental look, it needs a different hasp and lock.

    1 reply

    Thanks. Yeah I wish I had some pics during the construction but cannot find any thus far. I used what I had laying around to make it but if I made another I would make wood hinges & clasp.