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About: Origami BEST is a world of wonderful origami and a light whiff of positive emotions. In a moment you will know how to craft various toys from paper. You can`t even imagine what you can do from paper by you...

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Today we have added one more plane of the paper.

As you know, we collect on our channel most comprehensive collection of paper airplanes. we will soon find out which one is the best and most important Thanks to your Laika - so far, and fly well.

We have collected all the #origami on the same channel Visit us #origamiotbaykera #origamisamolet

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Liliputiki TV - a world of amazing origami and light whiff of positive emotions. Another moment, and you will learn how to make paper from the various toys. You do not even imagine what you can do with your hands, paper ...

Crafts made of paper develop a child's imagination, not only, but also critical thinking, motor skills, a wonderful view of the world ... Love ...

On your screen will appear snowflakes out of paper in the bathroom will float the boat of paper in the vase will stand out from the color of the paper, and overhead pigeons fly out of paper ...

❤️ We are love and kindness to your baby. Help us to bring the idea to the world

Liliputiki TV - a channel for a wonderful boy and charming girls. For the good-natured grandfathers and grandmothers ever binder. For men who are not ashamed to live and women who are not afraid to believe.

❤️ We Love Origami Love and Good Fairy Tales, I Believe in Miracles ...

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Origami | How to make paper MIRACLE: https://goo.gl/7ljIif Origami planes: https://goo.gl/7ljIif Fish Paper: https://goo.gl/7ljIif Origami Animals: https://goo.gl/7ljIif Origami cat: https://goo.gl/7ljIif


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