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Introduction: Origami Bow

About: Hello! my name is Melker and i live in sweden and are 14 years old and like to take photos and origami.

Fold as the pictures

Step 1:

Fold as the pictures

Step 2:

Fold as the pictures

Step 3:

Cut on al four sides

Step 4:

Fold as the pictures

Step 5:

Cut a straight line in the midle

Step 6:

Fold as the pictures

Step 7:

Turn around and fold as the pictures

Step 8:

Turn around and cut as the pictures and then you are done!

Step 9:

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I made it I love it thanks

I guess I'm just not as crafty here LOL, but I'm stuck on the 3rd and 4th picture of step 3. Can additional pictures be provided? or maybe just some advice? :)

Thank you! This is a really cute idea!

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Agreed, a little more description of text could have helped.

SaraG49 if you searching for origami bow on youtube maybe you found it easier to get al the steps


1 year ago

Hi. Not to be nit picky, but I recall origami to not include cutting. Name may be a bit misleading. Most people won't care, though, I'm sure.

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I think you're right D1rv1n I found this on wikepedia "Origami folders often use the Japanese word kirigami to refer to designs which use cuts, although cutting is more characteristic of Chinese papercrafts." but i going to keep use the word origami because that is the word most people recognize

If you like this instructable please vote for me Thanks!

This is a really good idea for the holidays!