Origami Box




Today you will be making a simple origami box. I am not an expert at origami but I just learned how to make this just a few days ago and it is fun and easy to make.

The supplies you will need is

A square piece of paper and scissors

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Step 1: Time to Start Making!

first take your paper and fold one corner to the one directly across from it. Then do that again with the other two corners. Next unfold it. Then you take each corner and fold it to the middle.

Step 2:

take two corners that are directly across from each other and take the corner of one and fold it to the edge of itself. Do that to both of the corners that are across from each other. after you do that and pull them up, with the other two still down. Then take your scissors and cut a little triangle from the one you just folded to the one that is still down. Now do that on each side of each one.

Step 3: Final Steps!

Take the little triangles and fold them directly in front of themselves to the middle of the big triangle in front of them. (do this to each side) Then take the little triangles that are on the same side and put them side by side. (on both sides) And take the big triangles that are folded up and fold them over the little squares and keep creasing them till they stay.

Step 4:

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    3 years ago

    Nice simple box!