Origami Chicken

Introduction: Origami Chicken

When I published this Instructable, i'ts the only Instructable that shows you how to make an origami chicken!
This instructable shows you how to make an origami chicken. I is simple and easy to make.
If you ever get confused, please refer to the pictures. Remember to make sure your folds are just right and crease extra well with your nails.
Sorry, I don't know why it made a copy of my instructable an titled it "Step 3: Begin Operation Chicken."

Step 1: Chicken Materials

One material,

A piece of paper.
(A square one would be convenient.)

Optional: Red paper, scissors, tape, pencil.

Step 2: Preperation: Make Square

Then make a square. I you already know how to make a square, or have a square sheet of paper, you may skip this step.

Even though this may seem like a long and hard step, it actually really easy. I'm just explaining it very thouroghly.

Make sure you position the paper so the it is longer top to bottom than it is side to side.Fold down the top leftt corner of the paper so that it meets the right side of the paper and the top of the paper is now on the right side. You should have a bit of paper that does not have two layers at the bottom. Take it and fold it over the top of the paper so that it looks sort of like a boat. If you have scissors,unfold and cut along the creased line, Then skip until the star, if not, keep following. Crease extra well with your nails and repeat a couple times. After you do that a couple of times, rip carefully along the crease you have made.
* Now that you have done that, unfold and you are finished!

Step 3: Begin Operation Chicken

Now that you have your square, position it so that the creased line you have made that goes from one corner to the next, goes up vertically. If you started out with a square piece of paper and don't have a crease, fold it corner to corner so that you have a crease running from one corner to the one opposite from it. Then fold the edges to the center crease. 

Step 4: Operation: Fold Back Tab

Then fold the part that didn't get folded back so it looks like the picture from the back. But try to get it straighter than I. 

Step 5: Operation: Fold to Center Crease

Then flip back to the front and fold the top corners to the center crease.

Step 6: Pull Out the Armpits

Then open up the fold you have just made and pull out the crease you have made by doing that last fold and flaten it. Then repeat so it looks like the pictures.

Step 7: Fold the Arms

There should be a very light crease where the arm was folded back when it was an armpit. Fold the arm in half so that the top of the edge your folding up is touching it.

Step 8: Fold in Half

The title pretty much says it. Fold it in half so that you don't see all the folds you've made.

Step 9: Operation: Make Neck

Now here is one of the harder parts for me to explain and for you inexperient origami makers.  Though not that hard if you do it correctly.
Use the pictures if you need. Unfold the half fold you've just made and about an inch away from the point where anothe piece of paper overlaps (the length of your knuckle), press down to make an indent and fold the indent so the parts beyond it go up while having the sides go back and so you fold the chicken back in half. like I said, use the pictures if you need any help. Sorry for the shadow in the right hand side of my pictures. It's probably my finger. 

Step 10: Operation: Make Tail Stub

Push down a little part of the top of the tail so that it sticks out a bit.

Step 11: Operate the Tail Feathers

Here is another hard part if your not using scissors. Using your fingernails (like you always should), Crease along both parts that fold over behind the tail. Do the many times and thoroughly. If you have scissors, you do not need to crease, just cut along the part that you would crease. Then, if you are not using scissors, after you have creased many times, rip along your crease starting at the open part at the bottom. Then, after that, fold the sides ep so you have a tail. Leave a little unfolded so it can rest on the back. 

Step 12: Create Head

So now you have a headless chicken.To create the head, all you need to do is choose a spot near the top of the neck, push at that spot and then fold down the head while pushing the sides down.

Step 13: Create Beak

Sorry I don't have a picture for this, but I will. And the main picture and the last picture don't show this.To create the beak, push the beak into it's self a little. You don't have to do this step if you don't want to. 

Step 14: Details

You are done! Now if you want you can add things like eyes and cut red pieces of paper to make comb, and you can make patterns on the tail and body. It'll stand!

                                                               Enjoy! : )

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