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Prom, that wonderful date and dance that you get to spend with someone special, or just having a blast with a friend.

I didn't want to simply buy a corsage for my date because for some reason that didn't seem special enough for her. I decided to make corsage. An Origami Corsage. I have done origami for a number of years, but this is the first time that i made a corsage with it. It was the mostest fun i had had making something in a long time, and plus, your date will show it off all night too all her friends so you get a lot of brownie points also.

In this instructable, I will not be showing how to make any of the origami flowers, just how to make the origami items to mount them on.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

-Paper (I used origami paper because i have it, but everything in this can be made with normal and colored printing paper. The rose would be very hard though)

-Ribbons to tie around the wrist, and to decorate the corsage with

-Hot glue gun (most types of glue will work for this)

-Origami Flowers (this is based on preference. I decided to use a big white rose and some small pink flowers around it so it would match my date's dress.)

Step 2: The Base (Leaf)

Grab a piece of green paper for the leaf. fold in half diagonally then open and fold each corner to center crease, not all four corners, but just the two corners that you used for the diagonal fold. Repeat making creases in between each previous crease until the sections become too small to fold easily. mountain fold every other crease and valley fold the others. fold it all tight so that it resembles first picture.

Pinch in between the middle and one side, but slightly closer to the middle. This will be the size of your leaves so measure based upon how you want it to end up. fold in half right where you pinched, and crease tightly. This will give you two different-sized leaves. put some hot glue inside the crease to hold it how you want it then set it aside.

Step 3: Curlie Cues

For this step you can use strips of paper, or you can use green ribbons. Either will work great.

The bottom of this rose is hollow, so just curl some paper or ribbons and glue them to the inside of the underside of the rose. Do as many of these as you want. i did not do too many because it was 4:00 in the morning.

Now attach the bottom of the rose to the leaves you made wherever you want.

Step 4: Add Some Ribbons

I just made big loops of the ribbon then I tucked it under the rose and repeated until I was happy with the number of loops I had. I stapled this together before I glued it to the rose so I would not have to worry about malfunctions.

Step 5: Arrange Your Secondary Flowers

My secondary flowers were tiny pink tulip thingies. I was going to arrange them around the rose like picture two, but i decided on this arrangement so you could see all of them when looking from this side of the corsage. This offsets the primary rose a bit and adds a nice touch I think.

Step 6: Time to Braid Some Ribbon

I used two white ribbons and one pink and I just did a loose braid. I made a very long section of this so i could wrap it around her wrist multiple times for comfort. You can do this with whatever ribbons you want, or you can attach the corsage to a pre-made bracelet.

Step 7: Time to Dance

Its done. Congratulations your finished. Now go party it up with you, your date, and a corsage. It was a hit at prom and everyone loved it, especially my prom date.

I did add some glitter glue to the edges of the outer petals of the rose. I couldn't get a good picture of it sorry, but it really brought out the shape of the petals and defined the color. It also reinforced the delicate petals.

Another idea is to make an origami pendant for a necklace, or make an origami boutonniere for him.

Please vote for me in the bracelet contest if you liked it.

Thanks for reading and please post a comment below of any thoughts, ideas, or criticism.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I absolutely adored my corsage that Corin made for me!! I was his date to Prom and when he showed up to my house with this beautiful corsage I couldn't help but smile!! I showed it to everyone! :) It takes a lot of skill to make something that awesome and I was so happy I was the one that got to wear it!!! :) Thank you Corin!! :)

    2 replies

    4 years ago

    Wow! I'm really impressed that you made this from just paper. Well done.