Origami Crane/ Bird Mobile




Introduction: Origami Crane/ Bird Mobile

How to make an Origami Crane Mobile

Step 1: Folding the Origami Birds/ Cranes

Take square papers in different colors, and follow the folding steps shown in my video

Step 2: Conecting the Birds/ Cranes Together on the Wire

Put the birds together on different wires/ sewing thread useing your needle to make a small hole in the middle of the bird (go from the small hole, that already exist, in the bottom of the bird, to the highest point of the triangle).

Don't forget to make knot at the end of the wire/ sewing thread. Each time you put a new bird, make a new knot.

Step 3: Add the Branch

Tie the wires/ sewing threads with the birds along the branch.

Take another piece of wire/ sewing thread and tie it to both edges of the branch.

Good luck :)

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I love Origami and will love to see tons of more origami from you


That's awesome! Thanks for sharing!