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Introduction: Origami Crib Mobile

This is a mobile i made to hang in our baby's room. I liked the idea of an origami mobile, but i wanted something really pure and simple. I put some inspiration on Pinterest (http://www.pinterest.com/hixair/hanging-mobiles/)

I bought several things and the overall budget was 15€ (you could probably lower that budget and make this only with found and reused items for almost nothing). The project took 2 hours to complete.

- Wooden circle
- White Satin ribbon
- Beads
- White cotton thread
- Plain machine Paper
- Glue and Scissors

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Step 1: Making the Round Base

Start by wrapping your circle with the white ribbon. I started by taping th beginning of the ribbon and then wrapped it around very firmly, try and keep it very flat and smooth!

When you got all the way around, make a firm and flat knot to end the wrapping, we will finish with a touch of crazy glue.

Step 2: Making the Bow

I put a bow to hide the knot i made around the circle, put a bit of crazy glue (and glued my fingers to the thing as usual) and used 12" of ribbon folded 3 times on itself to give the aspect of a bow.

Finish by wrapping the leftover of the ribbon around the bow (2 times), glue and cut.

(Yes the cat was really interested in playing with all that ribbon ;)

Coming next is the fun part : suspending wires!

Step 3: Making the Suspension

This is pretty simple, my wife chose some beads and metal ornaments for the top, tie 4 threads together and adjust length to make the base horizontal.

Step 4: Making the Butterflies

I used an A4 paper sheet, cut a large square out of it, and then cut it in 4 smaller squares.

The attached instructions are pretty straight forward and i like the fact that you can choose any origami figure to go at the end of each line!

Step 5: Completing the Mobile

I included a bead to add some weight to the end of the thread and prevent any tangling.

Attach your threads one after another, adjust lengths, repeat, you are done!

I was initially going for threads going from short to very long but, the entire length of the mobile would have been much to big.

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