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Introduction: Origami Cube Led Mood Lamp

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This Instructable is on how to make a origami Cube Led Mood Lamp
The idea came to me when i first made an origami cube and thought it would be really cool if i lit it up with leds

You will need:

Enameled wire 
Clear wire tube
And lots of tools

Step 1: Make Lexan Base

This is the base at the top that the leds and cubes hook up to
it is made of 3 lexan pieces one has a cut out inside for the circuitry
I used a paint can for the outline then cut them out 
for the center cut out use what ever is best you can find leave about 1/2" from the edge
I sanded the edges after with a belt sander
Drill holes for your screws you can use what ever you have or get some
Drill little holes in the bottom plate the same size as the clear tubing where ever you want them
and how many you want

Step 2: Stand

I built a little stand from scrap wood so it would be easier when it came to soldering so i would'nt have to 
hold it up your choice really

Step 3: Tubing Placement

Now we attach the tubing to the base plate with hot glue
just put the tube trough the hole and make it the length you want
then put some hot glue on the top to hold it on

Step 4: Adding Wire

Now we put wire in the tubing
I found it best to put through one wire the cut it and use it as a template for the
other one its also easier to put both wires through at the same time

Step 5: Wiring

Now we need to wire it up we are going to wire it in parallel so here is the schematic
remember you can add as many leds as you want
use what ever type of leds you want as long as there super bright ones
i used super bright color changing from ebay

after you solder everything you can close it up

Step 6: Origami Box (Ballon)

I learned how to make them on this website they are not that hard 

then you glue them to your leds and tube

There you have it Origami led Box Mood lamp

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    4 Discussions

    Marik I.
    Marik I.

    8 years ago on Introduction

    This looks really cool. Can you tell me where you got that switch. I'm having trouble finding similar ones.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Its an inline cord switch I got it off something i took apart but you can buy them at amazon