Origami Cube




I recently learned how to make an origami cube, and i thought it was so cool I had to share with all!

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Step 1: Supplies

for this project you will need 6 peices of square paper. I used 8" by 8" peices and the finished cube was around 3 inches.

Step 2: Step 1

take the paper and fold it diagonaly, then unfold it and fold it diagonaly the other way.

Step 3: Step 2

fold one corner into the center where the two lines meet, then fold the opposite corner.

Step 4: Step 3

Take the edge that you just folded and fold it into the center, then fold the other.

Step 5: Step 4

Fold each end corner into where the two creases meet. Fold both sides.

Step 6: Step 5

Take both edges that you just folded and fold it into a triangle. Make sure both creases are going the same way (it will look like a parallelogram).

Step 7: Step 6

Tuck both triangles under the flaps.

Step 8: Step 7

Flip over.

Step 9: Step 8

fold both triangles in.

Step 10: Step 9

Connect the peices. This is pretty self explanitory, just look at the picures.

Step 11: All Done!

Now you have a completed origami cube! :D

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16 Discussions


3 years ago

Really Cool! I would recommend it for art lovers *manly_blushing* like me lol

Seriously awesome cube


3 years ago

It is awesome. Loved making this cube


3 years ago

So AWESOME!!! Amazed it stayed together... taping it to preserve it.


5 years ago

Where can i use these cubes for decoration? Can you give me an example please? Thank you!


6 years ago on Introduction

I hope you don't mind that we are using your Origami Cube technique as a starting point for our "Wired Cubes" instructable coming up.

is it me or is this like how they stick the cube together in the cube rose