Origami Dog Face Box

Introduction: Origami Dog Face Box

About: i like papercrafts and some origami and also comics and games

This is a tutorial on how to make origami dog box !! Step by step

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Step 1: What You Will Need

-paper (any paper you want )
-hands :)

Step 2: Make Your Paper Square

You will need to make your paper square or skip this step if it is
Do as shown in images to make A4 paper square.
Fold your paper to make a triangle like shape.
Cut the extra.
Open the fold.

Step 3: First Folds

First fold your paper in half vertically then open ,then fold in half horizontally.
Fold the half in half .
Open the top flap and flatten, turn over and repeat the flatten to obtain a triangle.

Step 4: First Side Flap

Fold the edge to make a crease then open.
Fold the sides and open again.(only the top flap)
Then fold again to meet the creases.
Then open the flaps and flatten.
Fold the half of the flaps backwards.
Open the flaps from the middle and tuck the top in,and fold again.

Step 5: Second Side Flap

Flip the paper,and fold the second flaps to make creases.
Fold the flap into half.
Open the paper and the bottom edge to make the box
Ps. The tucked in flaps go in the box (see last image )

Step 6: Finishing

Draw the face of the dog and you're done !!
This is my first instructable hope you like it!

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