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One of the biggest animals on earth has just been reduced to the size of a piece of paper? This Instructable will show you how to make your very own origami elephant using origami paper or a piece of 8x10 cut to square.

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Step 1: Getting the Right Paper

You need origami paper or a manually cut square from a 8x10 sheet of paper like I did.
To begin lets make the basic folds first, fold the paper in halfs both diagnol and horizontal, vertical.

Step 2: Collapsing the Folds

This creates a square with inside flaps. Have the opening facing you exacty like its shown in the pictures.

Step 3: Making the Bird Base

First take one corner from the flaps and fold each one to the center forming a 'kite' shape on both sides. Then, take the kite's top and fold it down creating a triangle shape, this will ensure that the next step will be easier. FLIP OVER.

Step 4: Petal Fold

With the largest point of the triangle facing you, unfold the creases made previous like a jacket. This will look like a pentagon now. Next take the flap cover and pull it up to the point where you have folded the guide forming a diamond. Press down and crease firmly, then repeat on the other side.

Step 5: Star Shape

Congrats you completed the bird base! This base has 3 layers, take the first layer opening it up and you will find 2 seperated segments. These will be the legs. Fold both of them diagonol to the center of the piece. Then reverse fold both crevices, opening them up and firmly pressing and creasing to create a star shape. You should have a 4 pointed star, if not you messed up, FIX IT THEN MOVE ON! :D

Step 6: Creating the Front Legs

With the star, USING the segmented folds you have made.. fold them to touch their points to the center. Then fold both sides of the new legs forming to its center making the legs much smaller. FLIP OVER. Fold the triangle tip to its center then FLIP OVER again and fold both legs in half. Ready for the next step??

Step 7: Time for a Body

You made the legs so now is the time to get that body moving! Take the entire piece and fold it horizontal like a paper airplane.

Step 8: Making the Hind Legs

The body step was short for a reason, making the hind legs are a longer step but simple!
Take the point of the elephant that does not have the ears, and invert fold downwards pressing firmly.
Now take that long point and do another inverted fold matching the length of the front legs.
Open up the leg flap and just like making the front legs, make them smaller by centering the folds to its middle point. DONE!
Good? Continue! Lost? Look at the Pics!

Step 9: The Little Tail!

To give your elephant a tail, reverse fold the paper sticking inside the two previous flaps and move it to stick out from the hind legs thus creating a tail. SKIP? go ahead more power to ya.

Step 10: Putting on the Trunk

The elephants most skilled arm, nose, water pitcher, peanut dispenser, and weapon.. its trunk! This step shows you how to make the trunk, but the next step is up to you how you want it to turn out!
Inverse fold on the last tip not folded. Open it up.
Repeat what you did in the beginning, but diagonally fold the sides to the center to have the focus of the trunk getting smaller as it reaches the end of its snout! (diamond-really skinny) Fold back together and next step is customizing its trunk.

Step 11: Customizing Your Elephant

This is just an example on how to fold the trunk, mine went like this but im sure you got the routine of the inverse and reverse folds by now so make your elephants trunk the way you want it. No explanation here, just example pics.

Step 12: Complete!

Your elephant is done, how about make an army of them or somthing? Share it with your friends or give it as a gift like I have for my dad whom was really ill. Thank you all for making an elephant, Follow Me? Im hoping to make more origami tutorials!

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10 Discussions


8 years ago on Introduction

For some reason I find it funny that an elephant is made with a bird base. :) He looks really good, though.

2 replies

Reply 3 years ago

I know its just like a crane at the beginning! :D


5 years ago

I made one with a sticky note

14, 6:42 PM.jpg

8 years ago on Introduction

I made this from a 2inch square piece of origami paper...it ended up tiny tiny and I definitely didn't have space for a tail or two bends in the trunk!

origami elephant.jpg
2 replies

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Heres my extra small one, i used 2inch this time like you did but with notepad paper! I got the tail and the trunk, try this type of paper its easier to fold and better creases so it wont be so thick. Try it! :) I FORGOT THE EYES :O He is momentarly blind lol


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Woah! Thats Awesome! Thanks for making it, im gonna have to try and make one small as yours!