Origami Ferris Wheel




Introduction: Origami Ferris Wheel

An origami ferris wheel made out of gum wrappers.  The shaft holding the wheel in place is an old foil wrapper from the outside of a 15 pack of gum.  They aren't making those much anymore.  The rest of the wrappers are from gum sticks for 5 gum.  Enjoy and let me know what you think.  This is my first ferris wheel.



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    That is incredible! I'm glad I subscribed to you a while back haha.

     Very impressive!  How long did all that work take?  It looks extremely difficult (small precision folds, and small parts).

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    Thanks, I don't time myself so am not sure how long it takes.  It is rather labor intensive, but the design process is the lengthiest because I'm just making stuff up as I go.  It is a little tough to make some folds, but a little patience and anyone could do it.  I rarely use any tools - they don't help much.  Occationally I use tweezers to grab a piece and pull it through.