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This is an origami fighter jet. I think it mostly resembles a Sea Vixen, so I printed this sheet of paper with British Navy markings. Enjoy!

Step 1: 1-8

Follow the pictures in order:

1. Fold in half both ways an then mark fold as shown.

2. Fold the edges to the mark folds and then unfold the top flap.

3. Turn over.

4. Fold in half.

5. Fold the corners to the center.

6. Inside revers fold the corners.

7. Unfold the back flap.

8. Fold the flap in half.

Step 2: 9-16

9. Turn over.

10. Fold the corners up.

11. Fold angle bisectors.

12. Fold the flaps down as shown.

13. Fold the corners to the edges.

14. Sink fold.

15. Turn over.

16. Lift up the flap as shown.

Step 3: 17-25

17. Fold the edges down. Note the reference points.

18. Reference points for the previous step.

19. Open up the wing.

20. Continue the crease as shown.

21. Repeat on the other side.

22. Flatten the wing.

23. Repeat on the other side.

24. Fold the tail sections is half.

25. Squash fold the top as shown.

Step 4: 26-33

26. Fold the wings down.

27. Fold at the reference point at slightly more than a right angle.

28. Repeat on the other side.

29. Fold at the reference points.

30. Fold the wing as shown.

31. Repeat on the other side.

32. Fold on the edge of the tail sections.

33. Results.

Step 5: 34-40

34. Turn over.

35. Note the folds.

36. Tuck the wing into the pocket.

37. Repeat on the other side.

38. Turn over.

39. Fold the tail sections up to the reference point.

40. Fold the nose as shown.

Step 6: 41-Finish

41. Squash fold the top section as you fold the tail section in half.

42. Details.

43. Results.

44. Repeat on the other side.

45. Fold along the existing creases.

46. Start to form the shape of the jet.

47. Lock the tail sections together.

Your finished!



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    Answer 2 months ago

    If your talking about how the diagonals don't meet at a sharp point at the top: Check where the diagonal folds start and stop, and make sure you fold all of the horizontal folds from the right crease "landmarks". It's kind of hard to explain in words, let me know if you still need help.