Origami Flapping Bird

Introduction: Origami Flapping Bird

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Step 1: The Beginning

First you will need a square piece of paper.

Step 2: Start the Folding!

Now we're going to fold the piece of paper in half, diagonally.

Step 3: Keep Folding

Now fold the paper in half again

Step 4: Open and Squish

Now open the first flap, then squish it down flat.

Step 5: Flip

Flip the model over

Step 6: Now Do It Again!

Now get the second flap, open it, and squish it flat

Step 7:

Now fold the flaps to the center of the model

Step 8: Flip Over and Repeat

Flip the model over, and repeat the folds

Step 9: Open the Flaps

Now open the flaps

Step 10: Open and Fold

Now open the model and (while following the creases) fold the two flaps to the center of the model, and squish flat

Step 11: Flip and Repeat

Turn the model over and repeat

Step 12: Fold the Model in Half

Step 13:

Fold the tail down

Step 14:

Fold the head down

Step 15:

Fold the first wing up

Step 16:


Step 17:

Fold the next wing up

Step 18:

Fold the head down

Step 19: Finished!

Now the origami bird is complete! Now to make the bird flap is really simple, just pull it's tail!

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