Origami Flasher

Why watch videos of the origami flasher. Why not try my easy instructions.

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Step 1: You Will Need 1 Sheet of Paper

First fold your paper in half like this

Step 2: After All of That

Unfold the paper and now fold the top edge and the bottom edge to the center line.

Step 3: Third Step

Now fold the top flap and the bottom flap on the edges

Step 4: Not Quite There Yet

Flip the paper over and fold the top and the bottom edge to the middle line

Step 5: Let's Do the Next Step

Flip the paper back over and fold in half

Step 6: Let's Go Do the Same Thing

Unfold and do the same thing with the colored side up

Step 7: Follow the Instructions So You Don't Get Confused

Unfold on colored side up and turn it over and fold like this

Step 8:

Turn it back over and find the middle square.

Step 9: Almost Done

We have to make a few creases on the paper like this

Step 10: 1 Last Step

Now let's collapse the paper together like this

Step 11: FINSH

If you have tried to make the origami flasher and failed the you might want to check out Jeremy Shafer's origami flasher "TheEasiestFlasher" for better steps

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