Origami Flower





Square piece of paper ( can do with construction but easier with origami or printer paper)

Patience (many of the steps shown are to guide future folds and repetitious)


Step 1: Start With a Square

Fold square in half, length wise, towards you. Fold that rectangle in half, width wise.

Step 2: Making a Triangle

Open back up to the rectangle. Now you will see the mid line of the rectangle. Fold the upper right hand corner down to the bottom of the mid line. Flip entire piece over holding corner down. Repeat. Now have a triangle.

Step 3: Making Triangle Into Square

Hold the paper so you are looking at the open bottom side of the triangle. Open the bottom of the triangle and push down, forming a diamond.

Step 4: Starting the Base

Now lift one of the flaps of the diamond and push down to form a kite shape. Repeat for all flaps.

Step 5: Forming the Center of the Flower Part 1

Now take the bottom corner and fold into the center. Repeat on the other side. Repeat on the other flaps.

Step 6: Forming the Center of the Flower Part 2

Open out the last two folds into the center on each flap. Lift the center forming a small triangle and push that down. Repeat for each flap.

Step 7: Change of Flap

now take one flap and flip it over, should only see a smooth surface flap.

Step 8: Rotate Base

Rotate the base so that the point of the hidden triangle is facing away from you.

Step 9: Forming the Outside of the Flower

Take the bottom corner and fold into the center, repeat other side. Repeat on other smooth diamond flaps.

Step 10: Forming the Petals

now take the top portion of the flower and fold down flap. Repeat for each flap. Then curl petal over finger.

Step 11: Origami Flower Complete

All done. The petals keep shape better with origami or printer paper.



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    2 years ago

    This looks so cool, well done!