Origami Fortune Teller




Introduction: Origami Fortune Teller

About: Name: Ashley

Step 1: Squared Paper

I don't have any origami papers so I have to use the normal A4 paper.

I'm pretty sure you don't need me to show you how to make a squared paper right?

Step 2: Starting

Start by making the crease on the paper. Fold it into a triangle both ways...it's hard to explain.

Step 3: Continuing

Now, fold all the corners to the middle.

Step 4: Moving Forward...

Flip the paper around and fold the corners to the middle.

Step 5: Going Forward...

Write numbers on each of the squares and Letters on each of the squares.

Step 6: Almost Done

Open it up and write some fortunes.

Here are some ideas on what you could write:
Someone's Lucky Today!
Oof...Bad Luck
All your wishes will come true
You'll get a new high score on Flappy Bird

Or if you just can't think of anything like me:
Um...Hard To Tell...
No fortune
Try again...
Maybe you'd like to retry

Step 7: Finishing

Close the flaps and fold it in half.
Write a colour on each of the flaps

Step 8: How to Play

U guys know how to play?

Put your fingers in each of the flaps.
Let anybody pick a colour.
Spell that colour out loud while flipping...the thing...? (It's really hard to explain)

If you land on the numbers, let them pick a number, same for letters.
Count that number/letter out loud while flipping the origami toy.
If you land on the number/letter let them pick one more, open it up and read their fortune.



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