Origami Heart



These simple origami hearts are great to card inserts, secret messages, and a simple exercise in meditation.

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Step 1: Find a Square Piece of Paper

You can use newspaper print, magazine print, scrap book paper, or even scrap paper. Just in ensure that it is a square. It doesn't matter what size you use, but if this is your first time I recommend using a larger piece of paper so you can practice.

Step 2: Put the Coloured Side Face Down + Create Creases by Folding in Half on Both Sides

Step 3: Fold Bottom to Middle Crease

Step 4: Flip Over + Fold Both Corners Into Middle Crease

Step 5: Flip Over Again + Fold Sides Into Middle Crease

Step 6: Fold Top Corners Into Middle Crease

Step 7: Fold Top Corner Into Triangle Pocket at Bottom

This part will feel awkward, but once you have folded the top corner into the triangle pocket at the bottom, you will be able to flatten the heart by folding down the triangles in the middle (shown as white * in image)

Step 8: Fold Down Top Corners to Create Top of Heart

Step 9: Fold Down Tops of Heart Tips for Desired Shape

Step 10: Your Heart Is Complete (and Full)!

Enjoy the heart - share with a friend - send as an extra something special in a card!

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