Origami Jumping Frog (VIDEO)





Introduction: Origami Jumping Frog (VIDEO)

How to make a funny "jumping" frog out of just a sheet of paper. Try it by Yourself, and enjoy. Thank You for watching.

You can check this video on metacafe or my channel for other "how to" videos.



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    15 Discussions

    if you like these frogs, see my froggy b-ball instructable that uses something like it. please vote!:D

    Make frogs much smaller, use plastic from pop bottles. May need to use simpler design due to thickness of plastic. Other designs may be found on the internet. Will jump at least 15 feet.

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    GREAT tutorial. The filming angle is perfect. Really easy to follow. Thanks!!

    very nice indeed...is it possible to download this video to my computer ?

    *sigh* im a little jealous. my frog's jump is not to high... *sigh again*

    how cute! that's from origami 5, right?(im not sure)

    Lol, mine does baby hops! I love the tongue and eyes. Aare they boggle eyes? ;D

    I made one for my baby sister and she absolutely loved it! Great video!