Origami Mario Mushroom




A Mario Mushroom made out of origami using an index card

(Sorry the pictures are so grainy)

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Step 1: Step 1

Start with a blank index card, line side up

Step 2: Step 2

Fold the upper right hand corner down diagonally

Step 3: Step 3


Step 4: Step 4

Repeat on the other side

Step 5: Step 5

Like this...

Step 6: Step 6

Flip the card over

Step 7: Step 7

Fold the square in half (see image note)

Step 8: Step 8

Now unfold it

Step 9: Step 9

Flip over again

Step 10: Step 10

Now fold down carefully... Look at the picture

Step 11: Step 11


Step 12: Step 12

Fold the bottom flap up

Step 13: Step 13

Flip over (again)

Step 14: Step 14

Fold the side flap as far as it will go

(Sorry about all these steps)

Step 15: Step 15

Do the same for the other side

Step 16: Step 16

Fold the top flap down to the other flaps. Its thick, so press hard

Step 17: Step 17

Flip over (again.....)

Step 18: Step 18

unfold that last fold

Step 19: Step 19

No fold it forward

Step 20: Step 20

Unfold again

Step 21: Step 21

Watch carefully, as this is the hardest step: the sink

Step 22: Step 22

Push the center portion down, effectively sinking it

Step 23: Step 23

Finished. Hopefully you got it right

Step 24: Step 24

Fold the corners to the edge of the mushroom body

Step 25: Step 25


Step 26: Step 26

Sink fold the corners in

Step 27: Step 27

Fold the bottom corner, about a quarter of the way

Step 28: Step 28

(Sorry about all these steps again, its almost over)

unfold (...)

Step 29: Step 29

Sink it in

and then repeat on the other side

(Fold, unfold, sink)

(sorry i only got 1 picture of this)

Step 30: Step 30

Finally, add some eyes, and maybe some spots on the top, (I didn't) and your done!


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    11 Discussions

    Meio grande um origami com 30 passos ! olhe dois origami que eu criei com menos de 8 passos !


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    From what I can make out the actual origami looks good. Unless you can use something like Photoshop to adjust the images you've got? Web-cam? L


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    hey lemonie, do you work for instructables, its just that i find your comments on almost every instructable i view, and your comments are helpful


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    No, I just spend a long time looking. I try to be helpful, but I'm not always. Do you ever look at Answers - a few of us try to be helpful there.



    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I'll be things under contrast / brightness / levels or "auto-(those)" L