Origami Organizer Boxes

Introduction: Origami Organizer Boxes

I use these organizer boxes a lot. To make compartments in drawers, on my desk, to store little items and so on...
I recently made a few of these to be kept on the table near the to drop the keys, coins and all those spare things.

I used...
-Papers. (Any kind...I used paper from magazines)
-A shoe box lid. (or A tray)
-Double sided tape.

-To make the origami boxes, I followed the instructions from here
-If you are using a shoe box lid, Cover it with paper/fabric of your choice. Also, line the inside of the lid.
-Once the boxes are made, I fixed a bit of double sided tape to the bottom of the paper boxes and placed them onto the shoe box lid to prevent them from moving.

And...You're done!

Do leave your comments, questions or suggestions! :)

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    Parvathi SMM

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