Origami Paper Boomerang That Flies Back!




I Make And Draw Stuff With Paper!

Didnt Get That Boomerang You Always Wanted? Follow This Easy Step By Step Tutorial! It Actually Works!

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Step 1: A Piece of Paper

Get a piece of paper and some scissors if you don't like ripping by hand.

Step 2: Cut It in Half

Make it accurate!

Step 3: Two Pieces

Step 4: Only Need One Piece

Step 5: Fold It in Half and Then Unfold Back and Then Fold Both Sides of the Paper Near the Middle Crease Not on It or It Won't Work!

Step 6: Fold It in Half

Step 7: Fold the Top Corners Towards the Middle

Step 8: Now You Got That

Step 9: Turn It Around and Do the Exact Same Thing

Step 10: Hold It Like This

Step 11: Put Your Finger on Top of the Corner and Push It Inwards

Step 12: Do That to the Other Side

Step 13: Open It Up

Step 14: Open the Right Side and You Should See a Diamond Like Shape

Step 15: Turn It to the Other Side

Step 16: Crease the Diamond on All Four Sides

Step 17: Like That

Step 18: Done to All Four Sides?

Step 19: Turn It Back to This Side

Step 20: Push the Top Right Side Down

Step 21: Bring It Down So It Looks Like This

Step 22: Fold the Right Sides Down

Step 23: Then Bring the Left One Down

Step 24: Take the Top Side Down

Step 25: Now Its Nearly Done

Step 26: Open the Right Side

Step 27: Slot It Into That Pocket That Occurs in the Top Left of Your Boomerang

Step 28: Now the Sides

Step 29: Open Up Any of the Sides

Step 30: Fold the Corners to the Middle

Step 31: Unfold the Top Left Corner Leave the Right

Step 32: Get the Top Right One and Push in the End Crease

Step 33: Pushed In

Step 34: Done Then Fold the Left One on Top

Step 35: It Looks Like This

Step 36: Tuck That Paper Sticking Out Into the Gap

Step 37: Do the Same on the Other Side

Its ok on the other side when the right bit is thicker and the left bit is thinner.

Step 38:

Step 39:

Step 40:

Step 41:

Step 42:

Step 43: How to Throw

Step 44:

Step 45:

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    3 years ago

    this is awesome! I love it! so much fun!

    Faze Art

    4 years ago

    I hope u like this!