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Introduction: Origami Paper Glowie

The Origami Paper Glowie is a battery-powered lamp that looks clean and sharp. Its portability allows for it to be placed nearly anywhere around your home, and it is sure to appeal to you and your guests.

Continue reading to learn how the lamp is made!

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Step 1: Trim the Paper

To construct the cube, I recommend some typical 8.5" / 11" copy paper, because it allows light to diffuse through it quite nicely. However, the cube is constructed using square paper, so I use a method that makes a perfect square out of rectangular paper.

First, take one corner of the page (we'll call this Corner 1) and bring it upwards to the page's opposite edge in order to form a perfect right triangle (as shown in the first picture). Mark a dot where Corner 1 is now (as shown in the second picture). Let Corner 1 go back to where it was before, and then repeat this process again with the corner that is now closest to Corner 1 (we'll call this Corner 2).

Now that you have two dots across from each other, use a ruler to draw a line from dot to dot. Cut across this line with scissors. You should now have a square paper (as shown in the third picture).

Step 2: Make the X

Remember Corner 1 and Corner 2? Well, you need to bring Corner 1 across the page to the dot that you placed using it. Then fold. Do this same thing for Corner 2. You should now have an X crossing the square paper (as shown in the first picture).

Now, flip the paper over. Bring the top edge down of the paper down to the bottom edge, then fold. You should have a line going through the X. Flip the paper back to the way it was before.

Step 3: Make the Triangle

Pull the ends of the fold you just made towards each other. This will cause the paper to collapse into itself and make another right triangle (as shown in the first picture).

Step 4: Make the Diamond

The last step made a right triangle with four flaps, two on the left and two on the right. Fold the upper two flaps on each side onto the one 90 degree angle on the triangle (as shown in the first picture). It should form a diamond on top of the original triangle.

Step 5: Make the Hexagon

Take the left and right corners of the diamond you just made and fold them into the center of the diamond (as shown in the first picture). The diamond should now be a hexagon.

Step 6: Make the House

Up near the one 90 degree angle on the original right triangle, there are two smaller, triangular flaps that should both be folded down so that their diagonal edges match up with the diagonal edges of the two flaps we just folded. The hexagon should now be shaped like a house (as shown in the first picture).

Step 7: Tuck in the Small Flaps

The flaps that you just folded each have one 90 degree angle. You will need to tuck that angle into the larger triangular flap next to it (as shown in the first picture). Do this with both of the small flaps. It might be tricky, but I believe in you! When you are done, it should look like the second picture.

Step 8: Do It Again

You might dislike me when I tell you that you need to flip your whole paper over and repeat steps 4-7. Sorry, but it needs to be done.

Step 9: Inflate the Paper

Congratulations! You now have a little hexagonal hunk of paper sitting in your hand (as shown in the first picture). If you look closely at the second picture, you will see two dotted lines that I drew on the paper. Fold the paper back and forth along these lines a few times. It will make the ridiculous thing I'm about to tell you to do a little bit easier.

Now, see that little slot going from the center of the hexagon up in the second picture? Follow that slot up to the top of the hexagon. You should see a small hole in the top of the hexagon. Blow through it. It should inflate and become a not-so-perfect cube. Gently pinch along the cube's edges to get it looking nice and sharp. It should look like the cube in the third picture.

Step 10: The "Glowie"

If you look closely at your coin cell battery, you should see a "+" on the smoother side of the battery. Tape the LED's positive lead to that side. Tape the negative lead to the opposite side. The LED will begin to shine (as shown in the first picture).

Step 11: Finishing Up / Ideas

Slide the Glowie into the cube (as shown in the first picture). Bring it into a dim room and watch it glow! Congratulations on completing your Origami Paper Glowie!

However, there are many improvements that you can add to the Origami Paper Glowie, like:

  • Sharpie or pencil drawings on the side
  • Different origami enclosures
  • Colored paper enclosures
  • Hanging Origami Paper Glowies
  • ... and much more! Tell me about your improvement in the comments section!

NOTE: No part of the lamp is a friend of water. Don't take a shower with it.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I bet these would make really cool party decorations for a table set or something....nice!