Origami Paper Jet/Spaceship [ Looks Great on Display ]

Introduction: Origami Paper Jet/Spaceship [ Looks Great on Display ]

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This model is a paper jet that I learned from my friend. It looked pretty cool, so I decided to share it with you all :)
( I think that many of you probably know this already )
One thing that I personally dislike about this is that it CAN'T Fly! ( I guess you can chuck it and it can sort of fly? )
Though.... It looks epic on display. I have a few of them lying randomly on some furniture.

Crease: means to fold and unfold to make a line.

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Step 1: Creasing

Aquire a square sheet of paper and crease it diagonally, vertically and horizontally.
After that, fold it horizontally. You should have a rectangle with 2 creases as shown.

Step 2: Fold in the Creases Parts.

This part is a bit hard to explain.
You basically apply pressure to the creased diagonnal parts so it folds inwards. Do that on the other side as shown.

( Ignore the text written on the paper. Im using GOOS Paper )

Step 3: Creating the Body

With your triangle shape, fold in the 2 front flap's corner into the middle crease.
After, turn the model around then fold up the triangle bottom up into the middle crease as shown.

Step 4: Forming the Body.

First crease the bottom sides of square into the middle.
Then crease the upper sides of the square into the middle.
After, fold the 2 flaps down into the bottom of the square, then fold up, making a crease.
Your model should look like a square with a bunch of creases on a pentagon shape as shown.

Step 5: Forming the Body ( 2 )

Make a rabbit ear fold with the creases made as shown.
Pinch the corners of the square, then fold it into the middle. You should get a diamond with 2 flaps.

Step 6: Forming the Body ( 3 )

Fold the model backwards from the dotted lines I drew on.
You should have a diamond on a rectangle.
After, turn the model around and tuck the ends into the pocket.
You should now have a diamond on a triangle.

Step 7: Making the Ailerons.

Open up the middle part of the diamond and pull out a thin triangle shape. Bring it upwards and fold it up as shown. Do this on the other side. After, fold down the ailerons as shown.

And there you go! Your basic jet/space ship! If you want some more optional detail, go to the next step. Otherwise, enjoy your model!

Step 8: Optional

Make 2 smaller model of the jet and attach them to the pocket of the original model. After, fold up the wing on the left and right jet for some detail.

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    Question 4 days ago on Step 4

    can you please explain it more i am confused