Origami Pikachu Tutorial.




Introduction: Origami Pikachu Tutorial.

Lucero, 9teen, Fashion Designer student, Origami enthusiast, Amigurumi artist, Amateur photograph...

Hi everyone, this is my first instructable tutorial and i'm going be show you how to make this cute and tiny Pikachu cube in origami ... It's really easy to make and I hope you guys like it!

Step 1: Materials You'll Need:

Go and find this materials...

  • Yellow paper
  • Red maker
  • Black marker

Step 2:

First image:

  • This is my paper size but you ca use any size of paper that you like.

Second image:

  • Here you gonna fold your paper vertical and horizontal.

Third image:

  • And here you gonna fold your paper on both diagonals.

Step 3:

In this step we're gonna draw the kawaii face using our makers...

  • Draw the face with black and red markers in the center of your paper, adding some blush with red and making the eyes and mouth with black.
  • In the up-corners of our paper draw little squares with black marker
  • The final image is how it's going to look like

Step 4:

  • Turn over the paper, the triangule with the mouth have to be down
  • Now you're gonna turn inside the triangles

Step 5:

  • Open and flat

Step 6:

Fold the corners just like the images...

Step 7:

Turn over the paper and repeat the last steps

Step 8:

First and second image:

  • Here you're gonna fold to the center

Third and fourd image:

  • And now in this step we're gonna take the top corner and fold it down

Step 9:

First image:

  • You're gonna take the tip and insert like a pocket

Second image:

  • And do the same to the other

Step 10:

  • Turn over the paper and repeat the same step of above

Step 11:

First and second image:

  • Take the tip and fold like the image

Third image:

  • On this little hole you're gonna blow and blow...

Step 12:

And.. TA-DA! You're done

If you like this tutorial please comment and share, don't forget to give credits if you take any picture and if you make this you can send me a picture of your tiny Pikachu! to my e-mail grullonlucero@gmail.com

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it looks like you're blowing in his bum hole. ?

We are trying this origami Pika Chu in our after school program, we'll send pictures of the results :)

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Oh yeah? Great! I'm still waiting for the pictures:D

My son will love this thank you so much

1 reply

i gonna try this soon.. thnk u so much cya..

1 reply

This is excellent! Great instructable, and the finished pikachu is perfect. Nice work!

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