Origami Samurai Hat



Introduction: Origami Samurai Hat


This is the very first origami model I learned, you can even turn it into a fish with a swift cut to its back. This is my sixth instructable, and, now that I have my hands on some much needed glue, I shall soon be doing projects not origami related (Yuss!). If you are a beginner, or know a n00b who could use this information, this is the perfect project for you. Tell me what you think (And if you want to know how to make the fish) -- and PLEASE check out my origami eagle. That instructable has been mystreriously neglected by my fellow instructabrarians.

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Step 1: Triangles and Something Less Threatening Than Tribulations

Start with the colored side down, though you are best achieving your model with a sticky note or a big newspaper. Fold one of the corners to the other, giving you a neat isosceles triangle. Fold the corners farthest from each other to meet the top tip, or meet in the center.

Step 2: Horns

Rotate the model 180 degrees. Fold the top layers up to meet the upper corner, then fold those back down to the edge they create (i.e. the crease). Fold those back up once again to meet the other edge of themselves. Refer to the picture for more clarity.

Step 3: Shape Taking

The lowest corner will go up to the horns we just made -- DO NOT let it touch the top corner. There is no proper measurement for this, but make sure there is plenty of room below it. Fold the remaining excess paper up as far as it can go. Then fold the back flap up to the top corner.

Step 4: Squishiness (Optional)

Place your fingers on either side of the helmet and squish it so the flat side is on what used to be the pointy (Or folded) sides. Fold the bottom corners up to their respective sides. There is no desired measurement here, just use your good judgment.

This is a major lesson here to beginners, because squishing like this will be essential to other pieces. This fold is optional if you don't get it, but sure makes the model look a lot better. Otherwise, you are done.

Step 5: And Back. . .

Squish the helmet back to its original position.

Step 6: The Origami Samurai Helmet

The helm of the samurai is complete! May all your foes bow to yours awesomeness, or laugh at your cheapness. I haven't made a life-sized model, so if anyone makes it out of paper, please show me your results! Enjoy this piece, and never eat the things you find off your floor. . . They really don't taste as you remembered them to unless they're that cookie dough you bought from the movie you watched two years ago. XD

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