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Sonobe is one of the most simple and versatile origami modules. It versatility allow the building of many different geometric structures, which are strong enough to be used as decoration elements. The aim of this Instructable is show you how to build an origami lamp but the most important part is allow you acquire experience in the use of this fantastic module.


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Step 1: The Module

Use a paper square of 9,0 x 9,0 cm to fold the modules. You can adjust the paper size depending of final size that you want for your lamp. Suggested paper size result in a lamp of 10,5 x 14,0 cm (side x high).

Step 2: Lamp Assembly Preparation

Corners assembly.

For this project, corners are one of the most complicated steps, for this reason, their pre-assembly will allow an easier lamp building.

To assembly a corner, use three L modules.

There is two kind of corners, “left (LC)” and “right (RC)” corners. Difference between them is the tab orientation.

Step 3: Lamp Assembly -Base Building-

To obtain a better result, I use glue in all steps of this section. For subsequent steps glue is not necessary

Prepare two corners (right and left), a “L” and a “F” modules and arrange them as shown in the picture 1 (RC - L - LC)

Step 4: Lamp Body Extension

Once base lamp is ready, it must gain height. Here I show the pattern to make a lamp of 14 cm, but you can increase the height adding more modules. Detailed instructions can be find on every picture

Step 5: Final Steps

I explain before that corners are difficult to assembly, however, this step require all your attention, patience and skills to be completed. Do not get frustrated if you add a module and part of the structure disassembles, is normal. Just try and resolve the problem. To make easier this phase of project, use of tweezers is highly recommended.

Step 6: The Result!!!

In this project I have used a white led light bulb (low power and low heat emission) and white paper (normal paper for printing), however the paper looks blue.This can be due to the whitening process during the paper production, was a nice surprise for me!

Now the lamp is ready to decorate any space!

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    7 months ago

    That looks really cool when it is illuminated.

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    srsly you are amazing! i'm so confused


    Reply 6 months ago

    If you have some pitfall, please let me know in which step and I'll help you. Regards


    Reply 6 months ago

    you got it?
    after trying that I got soooooooooo confused!


    Reply 7 months ago

    A good illumination can change anything. Thanks for your comment!