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Here is another hand craft from me, just because my profile is filled with all the food recipes i'm posting hand crafts in the middle to have some fun.

This Origami Square Box is neat and can't be torn apart after it's done, and you can certainly store many things from splitting apart.

You can store or send these boxes flat - for a gift, it's fun for the recipient to pull the box apart themselves.

These boxes are also perfect to use at a party or gathering, make them with festive paper for different occasions.

Step 1: Gather the Stuff

You don't need anything but a Craft paper to do this as it's name indicates that it's Origami.

But choose the Craft paper such that it shouldn't be like the normal Paper or the Hard sheet.

Color of the paper is desirable.

Step 2: Start With the Square

I suggest you to start with a Square of 15 X 15 centimeters.

  • Start with the paper with the final color or pattern facing up. Fold it in half, left to right and top to bottom and unfold.
  • Flip the paper over to the other side. Fold the paper in half diagonally both ways and unfold
  • Flip the paper back over. Pull the left and right corners down, collapsing the top down and flatten it out
  • Rotate the model so that the open end is at the top.

Note : Observe the Images clearly

Step 3: Continuation

Continue from the previous step

  • Fold the top of the front layer down to the bottom.
  • Repeat on the back.
  • Fold the left and right corners together and the same on the back.
  • Now you have this as shown in the final image.

Note : Observe the Images carefully

Step 4: Crucial Step

Continue from the previous step

  • Fold the top of the front layer down to the bottom and repeat on the back.
  • Open them back up.
  • Fold the right side in to the middle. As if you are going to fold the whole thing, but only fold the lower section.
  • Make sure the bottom of that flap is nicely horizontal.
  • Let the right side go and repeat on the left.

Note : Observe the Images carfully

Step 5: Almost Done

Continue from the previous step

  • Now fold them both to the middle.
  • Open out the edges against the diagonal flap.
  • Flatten the top down.
  • Fold the bottom corner up.
  • Fold the top corner down.

Note : Observe the Images carefully

Step 6: Final Effort

Continue from the previous step

  • Refold the flap down and insert it underneath the flaps.
  • This is the result.
  • Repeat all of that on the back.
  • Put your hands inside the box, and gently pull the box open.
  • Straighten out the edges of the box.

Note : Observe the Images carefully



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    This seems like a great way to make packed lunches more fun.