Origami Star Wars Yoda and Fortune Wookie




Needed For Yoda:
1 rectangular piece of paper (smaller is accurate but any size works and color optional but green will look best)

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Step 1: Origami Yoda

Take out your rectangle paper and just fold one edge to the center or close enough it doesn't really matter in the end because this is gonna look different for everyone!

Step 2: Origami Yoda 2

We're basically gonna do the same thing with the other side now so that the other side is now over lapping the first fold. I took a couple pictures to help explain :) sorry that the peace sign background got in the pics ;)

Step 3: Origami Yoda 3

Now we're gonna make the ears this is hard to explain in words so just look at the pictures. So we just fold one side to the side then the other. Sorry again for the for the odd backgrounds I can't use my other one .

Step 4: Origami Yoda Last Step

We're gonna finish Yoda now thanks for staying with me :). Just fold the top of the face down.So you may design his face however you want but I did it this way :) I did not create this design it is based off the tutorial in the book "the mysterious case of origami Yoda ". In that book it was more of a finger puppet than a hand puppet.

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    3 years ago

    I forgot to mention that you may want toad tape