Origami Stella Maris

Introduction: Origami Stella Maris

This is a modular origami.  It is comprised of a variation of the isosceles triangle unit.  It looks best made out of metallic origami paper, but also looks nice made out of copy paper, or printer paper...If you use copy or printer paper, you should make the modules larger, as that paper isn't as malleable.  It is a good idea to make a prototype out of cheaper paper first, as it takes awhile to get the assembly down .

NOTE:  I've just posted diagrams for a new star at the link below"

Step 1: Here Is What You Will Need:

1:  some paper
2:  some paste
3:  a cutting mat
4:  an xActo knife or box cutter
5:  a pair of scissors
6:  a non-skid (cork-backed stainless steel) ruler that indicates millimetres

Step 2: Here Is the Module

This is really just an elongated version of the Isosceles triangle unit, which I believe was developed by Jeannine Moseley....I wanted to make a stella maris, and thought it might work if I changed the dimensions a little...This will work starting with a rectangular sheet of paper with the proportions of 1:2  or greater....but at least 1:2.....All you need to make are 12 units, and they are easy to make....My fave stella maris are made of units that measure about 37.5mm X 75mm.

Step 3: Assembly

Begin by inserting the tab of one module into the pocket of another.  You might want to fold the modules piecemeal, allowing the glue to get tacky before progressing to the next addition.  If you've never assembled a sonobe 12-unit structure, you might find it helpful to try one of those first, or at least watch the video on you tube...called How to make a 12 unit sonobe ball.  Anyway, it takes three modules to form one point.  That's the easy part.  It gets a little confusing when you see all the dangling points and you wonder where they go.  I find it helps if you stop to remember it is an eight point star you are making, so when the center creases come together, there should always be four...never three.   for what it's worth...Happy folding! "... Onward thru the fog..."

Step 4:

That was it....i think they look nice as pendants... you can dangle them on fish twine with glass beads...or hang them on the tree...they pierce nicely w. needle and thread...

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