Introduction: Origami TRANSFORMERS

For all those origami lovers and fans of transformers,here is an instructable which bring together the best of both of your favorites,hope you all like it.

This instructable teaches you how to make a stand still rocket of course from paper and transform the same into a fighter plane or jet.

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Step 1: Things Required

  • A working space
  • Papers(Colored)

Step 2: OT1

  • cut out a square from the selected paper
  • fold the paper at exactly center of the square
  • fold once again,as shown to get a small square

Step 3: OT2

  • split open one of the folded side and by holding the bottom center part, pull back the outer paper to form a triangle as shown.
  • now turn over the triangle and repeat the same steps to obtain another triangle
  • now we have two triangles parallel and attached to each other as shown

Step 4: OT3

  • by holding only one side of one of the triangle fold it at the axis as shown
  • repeat the same for the opposite side,then turn over again repeat the same steps.

Step 5: OT4

  • now carefully fold the first side of the folded triangle up to the axis as shown.
  • repeat the same on all remaining sides.

Step 6: OT5

  • now fold the tip of the triangle till it aligns 90 degree with respect to the axis, as shown.
  • repeat the same on all four sides.

Step 7: OT6

  • loosen up the gaps between the sides, by just folding and releasing the sides as shown.
  • and viola your rocket is ready for its first take off.

Step 8: Transform

  • now for the best part.
  • keep your rocket flat as shown
  • take the upper part of the rocket and fold it over the lower part completely as shown.
  • hold the rocket in your hands.
  • if held properly as shown, then we will find a groove to hold our jet with hands.
  • hold the jet with your hands i.e through the groove and flip it over.
  • ta da our fighter plane is ready for its first battle.
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