Origami Tank

Introduction: Origami Tank


This is my second origami edition Instructable, this time featuring the origami tank. I learned this one in middle school, and should be much simpler than my heart with wings.

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Step 1: Cut

First step, cut off the lines on your rectangular piece of paper. You can use a paper cutter or use scissors like a boss.

Step 2: First Folds

Take the paper and fold it in half lengthwise, "Hot Dog" style, if that's what you wish to refer it by. Fold the corners to the edge of the paper to get a crease pattern in the form of an "X", then flip it and fold the flat ends to the furthermost extent of the "X". Refer to the picture if you do not understand, as always.

Step 3:

Squash fold the ends, or make the front end of the paper squish atop the other. This should form a triangle -- or a "Water bomb base". Both of the ends ought to look like the final picture.

Step 4: Tread Work

Beneath the front flaps (It helps to fold them over a bit) fold the edge as close to the center as you can without disturbing the rest of the project. Then fold that over itself in half and repeat on the other side.

Step 5:

We are now working with the arrow-shaped parts of the tank. On one we fold the bottom edges along the front of the arrow, and the other behind the arrow.

Step 6: Body Building

Take a gander at the first picture, then flip it over. The part with the fold OUT are now on the left while the part with the fold IN is on the right. Fold the left over to how big you want the length of your tank -- which really shouldn't be too long. Fold the other end to this "Head" (The folded OUT part) and set it on top of it.

Step 7: The Pit of Cock. . . I Mean Cockpit.

Take the flaps of the OUT end and tuck them in the pouches of the IN end. Leave plenty of room for the barrel by not tucking the flaps in all the way.

Step 8: Not Done Yet

Take a scratch piece of paper and roll it up into a tube, then stick it into the tank's head hole (That sounded less stupid in my head). Now take the bottom of the tread and pop it out.

Step 9: Tank

And there you have it!!! Your very own origami tank.

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