Origami Wishing Stars (aka. Lucky Stars )




These little guys are so darn cute!

Use them to fill a mason jar or an empty wine bottle for decoration, or string them on a string to make a garland, or to create a little mobile... options are infinite!

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Step 1: Material

You only require paper, your hands.... and a little bit of patience at first.

Paper strips should measure about 1 cm x 30 cm

You can buy the special paper online: Look for Origami Wishing star, Lucky star, etc.

BUT!! You can easily cut some yourself. Just make sure they are straight!

Step 2: Set-up of Star Shape

  1. Create a loop at one end of the strip, with the crosspoint facing up.
  2. Weave the shorter end through the loop you've just created (this creates a knot)
  3. Tighten the know, and flatten it, creating a pentagon.
  4. Tear the shorter end ad fold it.

Step 3: Main Folding

  • Fold long end of paper up, and towards the opposite side the floding takes you, making sure the edges line up on top of one another. In other words, follow the natural fold of the edge you're at to maintain the pentagon shape.
  • Keep going until you the long end is too short to keep going.
  • Tuck the left-over paper under a layer of paper you come across (like if you kept going on with folding)

Step 4: Finishing

  • Hold the pentagon the same way you'd hold a coin/stone/credit card (like you'd like to look at it closely) and use the very tip of your fingers/fingernails of thumb and index to pinch one of the five corners.
  • Turning the pentagon, repeat pinching of each corner until you get a lovely & adorable tiny star!!

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