Origami Yoda

About: Hello, we are ThunderBumm and SpittleFumm! We love doing art and animations, all sorts of that stuff. We also have a YouTube channel, which is the same name as our instructables.

grab a piece of printer paper.

Step 1: 1/2 Fold and 1/3 Fold

1. Fold it in half.
2. Fold one third of it.
3. Fold another third.
4. And Another.

Step 2: Corner Fold

1. Fold Like what it shows.

Step 3: Fold the Face

1. Grab the top and fold some of it.
2. Draw eyes and smile (or a frown).

Step 4: Enjoy!

Enjoy! You can also use it as a puppet!



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    That's Awesome! I officialy have a YouTube account, The name is ThunderBum. I am working on animations, so please check it out!


    5 years ago

    wow! I should try this some time!