Origami Crane Bracelet




This is a guide how to make a pretty bracelet with origami cranes. I love making these, as well as matching necklaces and earrings, as interesting and different presents for loved ones.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Chain (to fit your wrist)

Flat nosed pliers

Flathead pins x 5


Bracelet clasp

Paper Squares (1.5 inches square is best but if you find it to hard to fold, I have also made these with 2 inch squares)

Gel Medium

Paintbrush (Not pictured here)

Beads - best matched to the paper cranes.

Step 2: Make Your Cranes

First thing you need to do is make your 2 cranes. I tried to write up instructions with helpful photos on how to do this but ended up confusing everyone so instead I have found a really helpful clip with written instructions from Origami-fun.com

Origami Crane making help

Step 3: Coat the Cranes

Pierce each crane from the bottom hole through to the center tip of the cranes back, using the needle to create a temporary handle. Use the paintbrush to coat the crane thoroughly in the gel medium. This strengthens the crane and makes it semi waterproof so it doesn't fall apart. Leave the cranes to the side to dry for now, they need to be dry before you can move on with them again other wise the paper may rip.

Step 4: Beading Up Your Crane

After your cranes have dried (I can't stress this enough) it's time to thread them on a flat-head pins. Use a small bead for the bottom so to keep the crane on solid and to hide the bottom hole.

You should already have a hole in the crane's back from the pin in the Gel Medium stage for the flat head pin to go through. To hide the hole at the top put another bead (or two depending on your preference) on top.

Use the pliers to make a rounded hook like in the last step and attach it onto the chain as well.

Step 5: Pile on the Beads

Using your beads and flat-head pins decorate the bracelet how you would like. On each of my flat-head pins I used a larger plain mat bead at the bottom, a sliver bead in the middle and a matching smaller bead at the top. Though this could be done with either 3 different colours or 3 different sized beads or all the same beads.

After this use the pliers to make a rounded hook at the top and repeat for the 2 other bead pins.

Use the pliers to latch the beaded pins onto the chain.

Also, at this stage, attach the bracelet clasps. You could use a pair of jump rings or (as I did) pry open the final link of the chain and slip them in.

Step 6: Box

If you are making this as a present for someone, I find it nice to coat a box with the same paper used for the cranes. You can use the Gel Medium to glue them on. Just cut the paper to size; coat the box; lay the pieces over then coat the top. Again leave to dry. If you knock the paper or try to put the lid on before it is 100% dry the paper can rip.

Thank you for reading my first instructable.

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    3 Discussions

    So cool, this is such a great idea! :D Do you think you can use some kind of other glue cause gel medium is kinda hard to find where I live?

    1 reply

    Thank you for the compliment, Yes I believe you can use other glues maybe even a spray varnish? I use Gel Medium because I have it handy but I can't see why any paper sealing material wouldn't work