Origami of Platonic Solids: Octahedron



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There are many ways to make models of the Platonic Solids. This tutorial is using equilateral triangles with pockets in each edges to create a tetrahedron. This is ideal for math centers for your Geometry or Mathematics class and for home decors.


Square papers


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Step 1: Make Eight Equilateral Triangles With Pockets in Each Edges

Step 2: 12 Origami Connectors

This will be used to connect the triangles made in Step 1.

The tutorial can be found at How to Make Origami Connectors for Equilateral Triangles. This part is very easy.

Step 3: Glue Each Connector and Insert It to Each Pocket One at a Time.

See images.

Step 4: Same As Step 3.

But do it on the top part.

Step 5: Connect More Triangles.

Just keep on connecting each triangle.

Step 6: Hey Look!

Step 7: Same As Previous Steps

Keep on connecting triangles.

Step 8: Finally, a Octahedron!

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